Welcome to the Comorant Fishers. We are a fishing flies company which deals with high quality fishing flies of all patterns and design. We export our flies on wholesale basis and at discounted prices. We specialise in all types of fishing flies ranging from Dries, Nymphs, Salmons, Saltwaters , Streamers e.t.c.


All of our skilled tiers have a minimum experience of two years and most of them have been with us for more than ten years. Attention to details is of great importance to us


Flies that require painting are all done by hand here at The Comorant. As a wholesale manufacturer with our own team of experts flyers, we have the ability to produce any standard fly pattern. Whether its wet, dry, nymph or salt flies our friendly staff will be here to help and discuss your orders with response time or less than 24hours. We use high quality materials and hooks.



All flies are carefully taken through quality check to ensure consistency, and are later counted and packaged in dozens. Dries and Wets and Bass Bugs are packaged in well labelled fly paper boxes for protection and prevent them from being damaged.

Streamers, Salmons, Saltwaters etc laid down neatly in well labelled polythene or plastic papers.
Each box or polythene bag is clearly labelled with the pattern, hook size, and pattern, and enable you to be easily identify them. 


We can also include some extra paper boxes of different sizes for your packaging needs at a small fee.
At the end of the day our customers calls the shorts, and you can advice any other kind of packaging you may need, and we will try our best to pack them that way.




Try us today...The Comorant Fishers, Your one stop flies shop!